North Florida Christian Service Camp began as a dream in 1964.  People from 4 Christian Churches saw the need for a camp in the North Florida area-Daytona Christian, Northshore Christian, Englewood Christian and Live Oak Christian Churches were the roots of NFCSC.

The time line of that dream continues to the present.

-1964 The search for land to start a camp in North Florida

-1965 February, 1965 Englewood Christian sold the original land to NFCSC for $7000.

-1969 the construction of the first buildings began.  Campers stayed in tents for the first few years of the summer program.

-1970’s Saw construction of the Swimming pool and the Dottie Shaw Worship Center(a memorial to a teenage girl named Dottie Shaw who died in a car accident). The Shaw family was from the Northshore Christian Church and her father, Marvin still lives in Middleburg today.

-1990 Purchase of the Retreat Center across from the main camp and on the larger portion of Lake Johnson.

-2000 Both dorms were given a total overhaul & modernized, sidewalks installed

-2002 Purchase of two additional parcels/ The Canal house & the Lake House (next to the Retreat Center).

-2005 Remodeling of the building behind the Lake House to be known as the Bunk House

-2005 Purchase of a 4 acres of lake property & mobile home for additional staff

-2005 Purchase of 13 acres adjacent to the Retreat Center (with small cabin)

-2006 Bathroom addition to the Dottie Shaw

-2007 Purchase of 27 acres on the top of the hill bordering Christian Camp Road and Goldhead State Park.

-2009 Renovation to the Lake House converting it into what is now the camp office.

-2011 Renovation has begun on the Retreat Center upgrading it to accommodate groups from 15 to 35 people.

-2010 Purchased of a 4 acre lakefront property to later be converted into a smaller, self contained retreat house for groups of less than 15 persons with three bedrooms and 3 bath with adult accommodations.