2017 Summer Camp Schedule


June 4-June 9

Entering 3rd – Entering 6th Grade

Paula Anderson

Canoe Camp

June 4-June 8

Entering 7th – Graduated 12th Grade

Nathan Warner


June 11-June 16

Entering 9th – Graduated 12th Grade

Missy Creggar
Stephanie Gonter-Co-Dean

Middle School I

June 18-June 23

Entering 6th – Entering 9th Grade

Ben Boles

Middle School II

June 25-June 30

Entering 6th – Entering 9th Grade

Elementary “Mini”

July 9-July 12

Entering 3rd- Entering 6th Grade

Elementary Girls Camp

July 30-August 4

Entering 3rd – Entering 6th Grade

Cynthia Parks

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Higher Destination (HD)– Designed for the high school student who wants to be involved, HD Camp will put you right in the middle of every activity. You will be staying with the campers, part of a counselor team helping younger campers with their activities, washing dishes, setting up for meals, building camp fires, and learning what it means to be a true servant of God. If you wish to sign up for Higher Destination you need to contact the dean for the week you wish to attend for more information.