Higher Destination (HD)

This program is designed cooperatively within each of our middle school and elementary weeks.  It allows individuals to take a step forward in leadership and will provide opportunities to be involved with the implication of tasks that are required to execute an exceptional program for younger campers.  The HD team will be trained alongside other counselors to lead small group discussions, lead games, setting up and helping campers clean up meals, building campfires, participate in a more challenging character building and discipleship training and so much more.  Registration for the program is an application and must be approved by the Dean who is in charge of the specific week for which you are applying.  The application is password protected and you must contact the Dean to receive the password.  Reach out to the camp directly with any questions concerning the HD program.

June 2-5, 2019
Entering 3rd – Entering 6th Grade
June 9-14, 2019

Entering 8th – Graduated 12th Grade

Missy Creggar – mcreggar@gmail.com

Stephanie Gonter – gonter99@gmail.com

Middle School
June 16-21, 2019
Entering 6th – Entering 9th Grade

Ben Boles – benb@homeportcc.org

Middle School
June 23-28, 2019
Entering 6th – Entering 9th Grade

Jamie Halstead – jamie@creeksidechristian.com

July 7-10, 2019
Entering 3rd- Entering 6th Grade

Emily Good – emily@creeksidechristian.com

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