Work Projects

o  Finish soffit on bunk house & Retreat Center

o  Install tile in Dottie Shaw-4500′

o  Install tile in Dining Hall-2500′

o  Build new wood fence along entrance drive.

o  Finish new equipment storage for Dottie Shaw

o  Pressure wash decks

o  Begin remodeling newly purchased lake house

o  Clear area for outpost camp

o  Landscape entrance driveway

o  Move main camp sign*

o  Pull weeds at beach

o  Stump removal/grinder*

o  Rake leaves gather brush

o  Transplant trees ($50/Tree)

o  Replace pool table felt

o  Repair pool cues

o  Repair foosball tables

o  Build shed roofs on outside of barn

o  Finish painting Dottie Shaw worship center

o  Clear new lake-side vespers area

o  Build new porch on Dottie Shaw

o  Finish painting shelters

o  Build Second Floating Dock for Lake House

o  Install Lights in Conference Room

o  Install Laminate Flooring in Conference Room


*Funding Needed

* $250

Completed Projects

o  Build new stairs inside Retreat Center DONE!

o  Install tile in Retreat Center-2000′ DONE!

o  Move Tank and dismantle pump at Retreat Center DONE!

o  Stabilize new driveway entrance DONE!

o  Build new floating boat dock DONE!

o  Move supplies from garage to barn DONE!

o  Dismantle garage DONE!

o  Clear brush at Retreat Center DONE!

o  Rebuild brick sidewalk at office DONE!

o  Setup new ping pong table DONE!

o  Install new cabinets  & countertop in  Retreat Center DONE!

o  Begin remodeling Dean’s Office DONE!

o  Make Curtains for the Retreat Center DONE!