Summer Camp

Summer camp

Make memories | Build Friendships | Grow In FAith

From June through July every summer we welcome hundreds of students ranging from 3rd grade to High School. There are several different weeks of camp to choose from. Find the perfect week for you today!
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What should I bring?
Bible, Pen/Pencil & Paper.
Reusable Water Bottle.
Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Soap/Shampoo, Comb/Brush.
Extra Shoes (wet).
Bath towel, swim towel.
Swimsuit, Jacket, A variety of Clothes, Bag for Laundry/wet clothes.
Pillow/Twin Sheets/Blanket or Sleeping Bag.
Sun Block, Flashlight, Insect Repellent.
Camera (optional).

What is the dress code?
Shorts and T-shirts are perfectly adequate for camp. We ask that you keep your clothing modest while at NFCC. We go by the 3 B’s. Your Breast, Belly, and Buttocks should be covered. Female swimsuits should be a one piece, tankini, or two piece with a swim shirt covering.  Male and Female swim shorts or bottoms should be long enough to cover your buttocks.  Shirts should be long enough to cover your belly area and no bras or bra straps should be showing. Shorts and skirts should be long enough to completely cover  your buttocks.  Leggings are fine as long at your t-shirt is long enough to cover your buttocks.